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Optimize marketing strategies and improve the effectiveness of advertising by selecting the right attribution model

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LTV Framework & Churn Prediction Model

The lifetime bust framework helps you calculate the lifetime value of your existing and potential customers using cohort-based segmentation with data science models.

  • Calculate the lifetime value of customers to provide for acquisition and retention costs.

  • Use static & customer engagement variables to develop churn prediction models.

  • Receive regular insights on customers who can attrite & enable proactive measures to stop them.

  • Leverage RFM (Recency, Frequency & Monetary) Framework for LTV calculations.

  • Identify customers likely to attrite using the churn prediction model.

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Orchestrate Omnichannel Journeys Through Marketing Automation

Orchestrate marketing campaigns across different channels ensuring consistent CX and engagement opportunities.

  • Engage customers using data-driven retargeting, upselling & cross-selling

  • Utilize industry-standard marketing automation for campaigns of any scale.

  • Identify triggers, messaging, and value prop for marketing messages

  • Drive A/B testing at scale across multiple parameters.

  • Discover new customer segments beyond RFM to enhance revenue growth.

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Cross-Sell & Upsell Through Product & Service Recommendation

Increase average order value and customer retention using the following strategies:

  • Build buyer personas

  • Thankyou Page recommendations

  • Email marketing

  • Align customer offerings with customer journey

  • Develop Product page recommendations

  • Retargeting ads

  • Cart page recommendations

  • Leverage data science models for product bundling and price anchoring

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Loyalty & Subscription Models

Optimize Post Purchase Customer Experience

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