Monetize and Maximize the value of data through Modern Data Stack.

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Make your Big data available, accessible and usable for business use cases through appropriate data processes like migration, transformation, structuring and storage.

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Customer Data Platform

Aggregate and organize customer 360 view across myriad touchpoints.

  • Create business and technical roadmaps to integrate CDP with the existing tech ecosystem.

  • Leverage our partnerships with leading CDP platforms like Segment, Treasure Data, and Rudder Stack.

  • Integrate data sources and implementation of various business use cases.

  • Utilize a pool of CDP-trained resources to run campaigns and other channels of activation on platforms.

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Event Architecture

Build an event-driven architecture in multiple instances.

  • Address inherent challenges in building complex systems.

  • Use events to trigger and communicate between decoupled services.

  • Leverage our event-driven architecture built on AWS cloud that is completely serverless and has minimal DevOps. It uses the following AWS components.

    • AWS Kinesis Firehose
    • AWS Managed Airflow
    • AWS Athena
    • Glue Catalog
    • Redshift Spectrum + Domo
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Data Lakes & Pipelines (AWS)

Develop and Deploy all components of Modern Data within the AWS ecosystem.

  • Manage data migrations or data transformation tasks through the implementation of real-time data pipelines.

  • Implement fault-tolerant, Highly scalable, and High-performance data pipelines.

  • Identify the right solutions within AWS or on-prem tech stack to create Data storage and data pipeline solutions.

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Data Discovery & Observability

Get metadata-level insights on enterprise data sets. Trace the entire journey of data transformation through our lineage solutions.

  • Leverage our solutions built on open-sourced tools with excellent community support.

  • Understand data systems fully and enable the fixing of data in complex data scenarios.

  • Get complete visibility in your datasets with the solutions built on Amundsen and DataHub

  • Obtain solution architecture support around the Data Observability layer with AWS Grafana, Prometheus, Amazon Timestream, and Cloudwatch.

Our Technology Partners

Amazon Web Service
Treasure Data
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Customer 360 view for a fashion retailer to increase marketing effectiveness

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