Transform User Intent To Transaction, through conversion optimization solutions.

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Improve Conversion through Analytics & Experimentation. Deep-dive into the Conversion Funnel in the Customer Experience Journey. Increase transactions using industry best practices.

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Web/App Analytics

Understand key metrics of your digital properties such as traffic, conversion, and engagement

  • Instrument your site/app with industry-standard analytics tools like Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics

  • Deep-dive into the conversion funnel, understand drivers for cart abandonment rate and low conversion

  • Understand marketing campaigns performance and measure ROAS

  • Site/App audits and recommendations for improving CX/Conversion

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Customer Journey Analytics & Heat Mapping

Understand user journeys through site/app and gain deeper insights into drop-offs

  • Get better insights into user engagement through Heatmaps. Understand key drivers for higher engagement

  • Stitch and analyze cross-channel customer journeys using industry-standard tools.

  • Optimize Information Architecture.

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A/B Testing & Personalization

Optimize CX through A/B and multi-variate testing

  • Leverage established tech stacks like Adobe, Google, and VWO

  • Use Segmentation to deliver personalized experiences.

  • Generate hypotheses for improving CX and conversion through analytics

  • Provide consistent experiences across channels through unified profiles

Additional Features

Site Search Optimization

Product Bundling

AI-Driven Merchandising

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