Use GitHub as Maven Artifactory in 2 Simple Steps

Managing maven artifactory is vital in most java/scala projects as there are many common dependent jars/components built across organization. To manage articatory there are few managed tools available in the market like jfrog, bintray etc. But these tools come with a cost.

But what if I tell you that we have a very easy solution to manage artifactory that-to with github, let’s get in depth.
To get clear understanding let’s call Common-project as “vanilla” and the consuming-project as “chocolate”

Step 1

1. Create repo on GitHub:
2. vanilla project pom plugin should be like,


3. Once you build the project , the jar file will be in the location under ${project_directory}/vanilla/vanilla/0.1/vanilla-0.1.jar
4. Push the jar to github repo , make sure the jar is present as below,


Step 2

1. Add Repository in chocolate pom.xml.

    ❮name❯vanilla Common❮/name❯

2. Add dependency to your chocolate pom.xml file:


All Set !!!!!!

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Posted on : April 26, 2022

Category : Data Engineering

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